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Nov 16 – “Empowerment & Your Job Search”

2 Nov

I had a great time recently volunteering my career coaching expertise at Pace University’s career coaching clinic, at their New York City campus!  The event was full of alumni and students enthusiastic about their job search and what’s next for them in their careers.  It was great to see so many people taking control of their search and empowering themselves to reach out and get the most mileage out of their resumes, job search strategy and interviewing skills!

On Tuesday November 16th I’ll be joining Pace University again to give a talk on “Empowerment & Your Job Search”.  I’m excited about this event, as there’s really something for everyone here, even those who aren’t actually IN a job search!  But you’ll have to attend to get the full scoop.  We’ll look at the key inner components of a results-driven job search, the not-so-obvious mistakes we make in the face of career transition, and how to build critical awareness around the limiting beliefs that keep you from generating the momentum you need, and how to break them down.

To register, visit the Pace Career Services website or the “Empowerment & Your Job Search” Facebook page.

Switching Gears in Careers: Keep the Mojo Flowin’

21 Jul

Monday’s teleclass on “Finding Your Niche in Life & Career” was a great success!  If you missed it, be sure to tune into the next teleclass on August 16, “Career REInvention 101”, as we’re going to cover some of the most important key points from Monday’s discussion, but in more depth, and pair them also with additional valuable information on successful preparation and planning for a career shift!

One of the key points we talked about in terms of defining a niche was how a true work-life balance successfully combines your personal values and interests with your professional purpose.  In other words, you’re identifying the aspects of who you are as an authentic individual, in addition to what you believe you are good at, and the values that drive everything you do, altogether as a jumping off point to figure out what type of work really best fulfills your personal agenda of feeling balanced, satisfied and motivated.  And even if you’ve known for awhile the type of work that perfectly fits that bill, the next step is figuring out how to move forward and even monetize it, which often involves making some kind of shift into a new career, or out of an old one.  Or both!

The trick is maintaining and manifesting (more) positive energy and motivation throughout this process.  How do you do that on a daily basis?  Do you do visioning exercises?  Do you give yourself a pep talk each morning when you’re in the shower (or wherever)?  Do you hang lists, images and other visual reminders around your personal space to keep you focused on the goal?  What works best for you?

We’re going to talk a lot more about that idea of “empowerment” through this whole process of career and personal reinvention on August 16.  Check it out here.  In the meantime, I’m curious what you do to keep that mojo flowin’!  Thoughts?

New Tele-Seminar Series: Taking the Leap

30 Mar

This month jump-starts a fresh and exciting new 5-part tele-seminar series for young professionals and those entering into the career realm entitled Taking the Leap.

In an age where logistics and circumstances so often define our career decisions and our lives, it can seem like an impossibility to truly follow one’s passion in the face of adversity and challenge. The “Taking the Leap” tele-seminar series explores the lives of 5 young professionals who each made different decisions to take a leap of faith, and ultimately invent and reinvent themselves to create a career and life they are passionate about.  As young professionals  it’s easy to be blinded and overwhelmed by social, professional and financial obligations, and not realize the many different possibilities that are open to you when it comes to navigating your career path.  Not everyone opts to take ‘whatever comes their way’, to settle for earning a steady paycheck, or to take the road most travelled.  Hear the experiences of a few extraordinary people who faced the typical challenges of being a young professional, and redefined the norm in pursuit of their passions… and succeeded.

For more information and to register see the Events page.  Sign up for all 5 seminars and registration for the fifth one is free!

Register Now for the 5-Session Series

Get Your Resume Critiqued for Free!

11 Mar

I’m excited to announce that I will be working with women’s career development and recruitment network, Women For Hire, at their New York City Career Expo on Thursday April 15!  This is an amazing (and free!) opportunity for women of all levels, industries and backgrounds to come and meet with career coaches like myself for free resume advice and critiquing.

NOT Your Ordinary Job Fair! Women For Hire career expos are not like most job fairs, where candidates meet a few recruiters—then leave.

Women For Hire career expos are high-caliber recruiting events that enable talented women in all fields to meet directly with recruiters and hiring managers from top employers. Whether you’re an experienced professional with several years of experience under your belt or a graduating college student, these one-day events are an ideal chance to launch or advance your career.   The  events are day-long affairs that focus on helping women launch their careers, segue from one job to another or reinvent themselves.

The event will be held from 10am until 2pm at the Sheraton NY Hotel and Towers at 7th Avenue and 53rd Street.  Anyone who comes and meets with me will receive a special discount towards a coaching package!  For more information and details on Career Expos in other cities visit the Women For Hire Career Expo website.

April Tele-Seminar: Maximizing LinkedIn

5 Mar

Get ready to empower yourself and positively infuse your job search!  The first in a series of free tele-seminars, in April Dana Leavy of Aspyre Solutions will be presenting a free tele-seminar on how to effectively utilize LinkedIn as a productive job searching and networking tool, and take your online presence to the next level.  Even if you’re not actively in the market for a new position, or are just starting out, you will have the opportunity to learn a few creative tricks and key tactics to build and maximize your network of contacts, so when it’s time to get serious, you will already be one foot out the door in front of your competition.  This is an excellent opportunity for soon-to-be grads and entry-level job seekers to get introduced to LinkedIn’s capabilities, and start building a network now!

LinkedIn offers a wide variety of benefits, many of which users easily neglect outside of making general connections and searching job postings.  The way you communicate and reach out to contacts to market yourself and keep yourself on the front lines of the candidate pool can give you a crucial advantage over your peers, and possibly get you in the door for that interview.  Check back for details later this month!

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Getting Good Where it Really Matters

4 Feb

Last night I attended a seminar on women as budding entrepreneurs given by Suparna Bhasin of She Creates Change.  I LOVED Suparna’s energy, her enthusiasm, and her ability to connect and relate to her audience, which was comprised of about 30-40 women of all ages and career levels who were anywhere from established business owners to entrepreneurs waiting to happen.  That was the title of her seminar – “Are You An Entrepreneur Waiting to Happen?”  While I won’t recap all of her amazing bullet points (you can find them on her blog at SheCreatesChange.com), there was one specific take-away concept I found particularly fantastic:

“Don’t get really good at what you DON’T want to do.”

In a modern American culture where overachievement is not just a standard, but almost an expectation, especially these days with the market being what it is and layoffs amassing daily, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of “Do! Do! XDo!” and then…”Do Better!”  Even if we don’t particularly LIKE what we do.  This is particularly true of younger people, who are fairly eager to prove themselves professionally early-on.  And we’re saying to ourselves, “well, isn’t it enough/aren’t I just lucky to have SOMETHING to do as a career?”  I suppose that comes down to your own personal situation.  Personally, that’s not what I took away from last night’s seminar, nor is it part of my own school of thought.

“Don’t get really good at what you DON’T want to do.”

This one rang loud and personal to me.  I think I can say confidently in any job that I’ve had, even when I know I was completely dissatisfied with it, it was still my nature to do the job well, perhaps above and beyond what was expected – to have everything documented, color-coded, and easily accessible from 5 different places so that I was never out of touch with a single detail, should anyone call upon me for it.  But for what?  Was I ever given a raise simply for my proactivity and organizational genius?  Hardly.  In fact, at the end of the day, it was probably 80% me doing it because I needed to expand that extra energy to alleviate any fear that I might not be doing my job well.  I was so scared of not being “great”, that I considered the only other alternative to be “sub-par”.

As a result there were plenty of things I got really good at that I don’t (and never did) want to do: sales, data entry, using Microsoft Office, customer service, solving other people’s menial problems with communication and organization simply because I could, etc. etc..  These are all great things to have PRACTICED and become good at, because they’re necessary skills for any career, save for the last, but they’re certainly not things I want to become a concentrating expert in.  Get my drift?

“Don’t get really good at what you DON’T want to do.”

Probably in the same way that Freddie Prinze Jr. should have branched out of teen heartthrob movies by the age of 35 (whoops!), many people never heed this advice.  Instead, get good at these skills, the necessary ones, forget the others, and spend that extra time practicing or perfecting the REAL skills that will make you an expert in the field you really want to be in:  takes some classes towards your aspiring field, further educate yourself, conduct research, network, talk to peers, improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  Find happiness.  Find out what you should REALLY be getting good at… and then do it.  Need help with that?  Let’s talk.

Credit: Suparna Bhasin, She Creates Change, LLC

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