Transitioning from a successful recruiting and career advising career in Boston and New York City, Dana Leavy founded Aspyre Solutions in 2009 as a resource for young adults seeking guidance through career-related life transitions.  She offers her clients a comfortable and economic means of making positive and lasting changes in their lives through coaching and action-oriented goal planning.

What draws people to Dana and her practice is her energy, enthusiasm and confidence around the coaching process.  What continues to set Dana apart as a coach is her ability to offer her own relative first-hand experience and  understanding of her clients’ challenges as young adults, and frustrations and fears in navigating a path towards fulfilling change in the midst of a life transition. She values a personable and honest approach to helping her clients break down mental and circumstantial roadblocks and move themselves forward.  She empowers her clients to not just PLAN to make change, but to really feel confident that they CAN make changes, and ones that are lasting and worthwhile.  She has partnered with individuals and organizations across all industries, most heavily in the arts, design, media, marketing and advertising fields.

Dana graduated from the ICF-accredited Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching with a focus on transition coaching.  She holds a bachelors degree in Communication and Visual Arts from Boston University’s College of Communication.  She is also a professional fine artist.



Have you ever felt like you had everything, yet lacked everything at the same time?  That is exactly how I felt when I was 25- enjoying my life, yet picturing a completely different one at the same time.  There is no short supply of confusion and frustration in that scenario.  Some in that role would consider mild therapy, but what good is that when you’re less concerned with digging backwards into your past, and more concerned with how to move yourself forward?

Less and less often was I experiencing the days where I truly looked forward to my job, and where I similarly felt fulfilled by what I was doing outside of work as well.  I wanted that sense of balance and fulfillment back.  Paired with a downturn economy, my lack of commitment to change my professional life was getting me nowhere.  It’s easy to think that if you really wanted to do something, you should be able to simply get up, take action and do it.  We fail when we don’t realize that there is always a component of internal work and realization that needs to take place before you can successfully commit to taking external action.  Coaching more than anything shone light on this for me.

My personal experience working with a coach has shown me the true value of what coaching can do for someone.  It’s difficult to  imagine my life today without all of the extraordinary things I learned about myself and my abilities from working with a coach.  For me, there were a number of mental roadblocks I needed to breakthrough before I could experience confidence in my ability to change my life.  I had to get out of my victim mentality, and stop blaming my circumstances for my own lack of commitment to change.

Within six months, I went from feeling maxed-out and boxed-in by my circumstances and mindset, to exploring a whole new lifestyle in a new city, in a new relationship, in a new job, doing more creative and fulfilling work and turning my hobbies like fine art and design into inspiring and profitable endeavors.  After seeing the dramatically positive changes I was able to bring into my life, I was inspired to make my life purpose helping others experience the same positivity and fulfillment around the process of growth and change.

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