“Empowerment & Your Job Search”

Tues 11/16 @ 6:30pm ET  –  Pace University, New York, NY
Pace University Alumni Career Services

I get it – job searching and career changing are hard.  So let’s talk about it – let’s help each other understand the underlying roadblocks that are REALLY standing in the way.  There’s a lot more to executing your job search strategy in a way that generates the results you want than simply the external actions most are already familiar with.  It’s about taking back the control of the situation, removing the blame, the frustration and of course, the complacency of feeling like just another resume number in the pile, unable to stand out and express your value. 

Join us for an exciting evening, courtesy of Pace University’s Alumni Career Services department, of interactive discussion on the key inner components of your job search strategy that you may not be aware are affecting your success.  It’s time to stop feeling victimized, lost and at a loss for motivation, and to empower yourself to start seeing better results.  It’s possible, and it’s easier than you realize.

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