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Do any of the following describe you?

  • I am having trouble generating positive results from my job search
  • I am starting my job search, and I am unclear where to begin
  • I want to make a career change, but I am unclear as to next steps

The coaching process is designed around a typical 12-week coaching relationship, where we focus on several key areas of the job search and/or career planning process to create a personalized strategy for moving you forward based on your personal goals, concerns & interests.   Working alongside a coach will help you to establish clearer, more attainable goals and vision, better personal accountability to those goals and provide a more solid support system than navigating the process alone.  You can compare it to if you were an athlete looking to hit certain  performance-based goals for your future- you work with a coach to set those goals and develop a plan to see them through.  Managing the pathway of your career as a successful professional is no different.  While you may start to see the results of your hard work fairly immediately, true progress takes time, and real commitment to the process is necessary to allow that to happen.


The benefits of my work with clients focus around:

Career Planning

  • Planning for a successful transition into a new career field, doing work that you love
  • Transitioning into a more creatively-focused role or career
  • Navigating different employment options (full-time, part-time, freelance, temp & contract)
  • Shifting your mindset to feel less ‘stuck’ and victimized by work
  • Identifying and breaking through your limiting beliefs around career change and yourself as a successful professional in your field

Job Search Strategy

  • Creating and executing an effective multi-faceted job search strategy to produce more leads and better opportunities
  • Maximizing your job search resources & efforts for better results in less time
  • Marketing yourself most effectively in the case of job loss or long-term unemployment
  • Understanding the best job search tools and marketing techniques for candidates changing career fields
  • Preparing your best resume, portfolio and interview presentation from a hiring manager’s perspective
  • Building and leveraging your professional network to gain referrals, leads and recommendations
  • Creating and maintaining your online brand for better visibility

Options for All Budgets | One-on-one individualized coaching packages are available, in addition to affordable group coaching programs and a self-study program (coming soon).

CURIOUS IF COACHING IS RIGHT FOR YOU? – Contact Us for a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your challenges and interests.


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